A company that belongs to the G.E.T Group

Cubierta Solar is a company that is part of the family G.E.T. family corporate group. Having a track record of more than 30 years, the Group is distinguished for its innovative, diversified profile and for having extensive experience in different areas of business, such as retail, real estate and renewable energy.

Retail. Over the years, Eurochange has consolidated its position and become a brand name in currency exchange, recognisable by its clients, both national and foreign, for offering, among other things, the best exchange rate on the market with no commissions.

The innovative nature of a large group

In the real estate line of business, G.E.T manages important investment property in tertiary markets. Large grid-connected photovoltaic systems, some of which were part of the initial progress made in the renewable energy sector, when the roofs of the industrial warehouses of the Group became a reference point of coplanar structure photovoltaic systems.