Cubierta Solar is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, who have extensive experience in each of their areas of activity. Innovated, dedicated, non-conformist and clearly customer-orientated personnel, who are always striving to get the best results.


Let us introduce you to the team.


CEO Luis Navarro

Luis Navarro

  • Chief Executive Officer
Fernando Cerezuela Director General

Fernando Cerezuela

  • General Manager

Ester Navarro

  • External Advisor

Ezequiel Sánchez

  • External Advisor
José M Pueyo Director Técnico

José Manuel Pueyo

  • Technical Director

María López

  • Project Director
Noelia Molina Coordinadora Proyectos

Noelia Molina

  • Project Manager Coordinator
Héctor González Resp. Back Office

Héctor González

  • Back Office Technician & After Sales Services
Pilar Muñoz Resp. Administración

Pilar Muñoz

  • Administration Manager
Marina Tauste Project Manager

Marina Tauste

  • Project Manager
Antonio Lázaro Prjoect Manager

Antonio Lázaro Bustos

  • Project Manager
Vicent Martínez Project Manager

Vicent Martinez

  • Project Manager
José Cort Project Management

José Cort Hurtado

  • Project Manager

Ramón Sanjuan

  • Quality Technician
Nicolas González Técnico Contable

Nicolas González Marasco

  • Accounting Technical
Silvia Martin Resp. Sostenibilidad

Silvia Martín

  • Sustainability Specialist. External advisor

Andrea Claverías

  • RR.HH.

Victor Pérez

  • Systems and Networks Maintenance