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CSR Report

CUBIERTA SOLAR _Corporate Social Responsibility


☀️🔌Commitments to de United Nations 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Developmemt Goals.

One of the main reasons why Cubierta Solar contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda is to reaffirm its commitment to the planet and to people and to keep the focus on affordable, non-polluting energy in the fight against climate change.

☀️🔌Commitment to the Human Team

The commitment to human capital at Cubierta Solar is based on the awareness that people are its main asset. Having motivated and qualified professionals, in a pleasant working environment, is a key aspect to grow as a competitive, solid and sustainable company. For this reason, we are concerned with providing stable, quality employment with opportunities for growth and promotion for all our employees.

☀️🔌Commitment assumed with Customers

At Cubierta Solar we accept a customer’s project if we consider that we are capable of meeting their needs and if the request presented to them is coherent, always trying to provide advice that will allow them to make decisions as successfully as possible.

☀️🔌Commitment to the Environment

At Cubierta Solar we understand that the activity is directly related to the generation of renewable energy, and we feel very committed to it, as we know that it generates numerous benefits for the society around us. Local development is boosted by improving access to energy, promoting employment in the area and the growth of new businesses with less environmental impact.

☀️🔌Supply Chain Commitments

They are one of the key aspects for the development of the activity in the supply chain. Cubierta Solar needs suppliers aligned with its installation system and with a high degree of integration.

☀️🔌Commitments to society and its institutions

Cubierta Solar is particularly interested in the growth and development of society, and therefore collaborates with various associations that allow it to grow as a company, to dedicate its time, knowledge and economic resources to the service of society and to contribute innovation in the renewable energy sector.

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